Hakuba Iwatake Snow Field
Good for Snowboarders

You can view the superb view of the Northern Alps
The Iwatake is a Hakuba only independent peak. You can enjoy a superb view without a thing shutting out the scenery from the mountaintop. The skiing area is constructed in 2 areas of mountaintop slope and the foot of a mountain slope. The foot of a mountain slope is used in Alpen ski competition, kiso ski competition, ski skill examination. The course layout of the mountaintop slope is constitution full of variations. A wide course suitable for beginners, an ungroomed course, a park are set. 2 courses increased, and the tree run courses evolved to the skiing area that could enjoy deep snow than before. Outside the normal course, snow shoes course and a cross-country course offering the Nature are prepared for. It is popular among students every year as it is the site of ski competition "Student Ski Competition Iwatake" of the classic university student held in MAR.
A nursery and the school which are nice in the family are fulfilling!
The nursery "kids' room" is on the second floor of "white plaza" of the base adjacent "Sunny". Because the licensed staff works in the nursery, it is reliable to leave child. The plaything which a little child can enjoy is enriched, and there are a restroom and nursing space for the child. A lesson for kids put out to age and a technical level for a class is performed at the school and can receive smooth instruction.
A varied activity! "TAKEKO park" birth
The varied activity area "TAKEKO park" where a family, a friend, all people including the couple can enjoy snow and nature in the large space of the gondola Sanroku Station side is set up. There are air playground equipment, pisten(a snow tractor) visit, snow rafting and can enjoy a sled, snow strider, tubing, a strikeout in snowy mountains "TAKEKO mountain". In "IWATAKE LOVE SNOW PARK in the mountaintop slope," various items are placed in the park concept in being able to enjoy all from a beginner to advanced skier. In addition, "Nezuko No Mori" which can take a walk through a forest of rich nature through one year is recommended. In snow shoes, let's sense the world of the silver bodily with a guide.

Piste Data & Guide

Hakuba Iwatake Snow Field
In gondola "Noah of the six-passenger of 2,183m in total length," access is allowed to the mountaintop in approximately eight minutes by slope base.
South Slope
The very large area of the south slope. Kids and a beginner can ski in peace. There is the course that can enjoy powder snow. 820m in total length, up to 23 degrees, an average of 10 degrees.
Love Snow Park
Kids and the beginner feel relieved on the mountaintop, and there is the slope where can ski is very large, and the course that was rich in a variation is prepared. There is Snow Park "love Snow Park" along 3sen East Lift, and a kicker, a wave, a rail, the substantial item including the box to be able to enjoy from a beginner to advanced skier are set up. The park is outstanding with quality of snow, the condition to be on the mountaintop north slope.
Sawa Course
The course that utilized the landform which both sides made a bank. 980m in total length, up to 15 degrees, an average of 10 degrees.
Sunny Valley Clurse
A long course full of varied landform most. A bank and a ski jump made to landform of nature are fun. 1,300m in total length, up to 15 degrees, an average of 10 degrees.
View B
In VIEW course, it is the most difficult. The start is flat, but there is the point that a grade changes suddenly. 720m in total length, up to 32 degrees, an average of 14 degrees.
Total area
120 ha
Number of trails
Difference of the eleveation
539 m
The longest ski run
3,300 m
The maximum slope angle
35 °
The number of visitors last season
120,000 people
Percentage of skiers and snowboarders
Snow boarder restriction
Number of the lift
Rope way
Lifts for 4 people
Lifts for 3 people
Lifts for 2 people
Lifts for 1 person

Lift Data

Lift Tickets and Fee

Adult Child Senior validity
1 Day Ticket Mon - Fri 4,400yen 2,600yen 3,900yen 8:00 - 17:00
SAT, SUN, Holidays
Half Day Ticket (morning) Mon - Fri 3,400yen 2,000yen 2,700yen 8:00 - 13:00
SAT, SUN, Holidays
Half Day Ticket (afternoon) Mon - Fri 3,400yen 2,000yen 2,700yen 12:00 - 17:00
SAT, SUN, Holidays
2 Day Ticket Mon - Fri 7,800yen 4,500yen 6,500yen -
SAT, SUN, Holidays
Season ticket 47,000yen 32,000yen 47,000yen

Credit cards

Credit card accepted


Child under 12 year old, under 6 year old free.
Senior 50 - 60 year old.


16 DEC - 26 MAR (opened 18 DEC - 29 MAR 2016)


  • Nagano Expressway. Azumino IC
    202km from Komaki IC 150min / 5,160yen
    60min local road
  • Joshin-etsu Expressway. Nagano IC
    204km from Nerima IC 153min / 5,060yen
    60min local road
  • Oito Line. Hakuba Station
    Bus 10min
  • Hokuriku Shinkansen. Nagano Station
    Bus 60min

Parking(1,000 cars)

MON - FRI FREE OPEN 24 hours
SAT, SUN, Holidays FREE Toilet 24 hours open


TEL: 0261-72-2474
Hokujo Iwatake, Hakuba-mura, Kitaazumi-gun, Nagano-ken, 399-9301
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