Shiga Kogen Okushiga Kogen
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Both the quality and the quantity are No. 1 snow in Shiga Kogen
The Okushiga Kogen which spreads through the northeast slope of the Yakebitaiyama of the Shiga Kogen area is located in the depths most. The snow that both the quality and the quantity are said to be No. 1 in Shiga Kogen. The slope parts from the mountaintop part of the third high-speed lift place to get off in tough Downhill Course, the Kuma-Otoshi Course area, No. 3 Slope, No. 2 Slope, No. 1 Slope and each area. Because there are a course and the beginner's class course between the forest, the person who is not confident of technique can enjoy it. There is kids park to the bass of the first slope. As there is moving walkway, fatigue-free can enjoy the child. There are 11 accommodations including "Okushiga Kogen Hotel" "Hotel Grand Phenix Okushiga" to the bass. Because anything is built in a quiet forest, it is a calm atmosphere.

Piste Data & Guide

Shiga Kogen Okushiga Kogen
No. 4 Slope
Located at the mountaintop. It is excellent at a view. There are the free pole training slope and moguls slope, too. 400m in total length, up to 16 degrees.
Downhill Course
Satisfactory long course. 3,000m in total length, up to 28 degrees, an average of 19 degrees.
No. 3 Slope
The slope that a carving turn is made most comfortable in Okushiga. You can enjoy a magnificent panorama. 600m in total length, up to 16 degrees, an average of 13 degrees.
No. 2 Slope (Expert)
Technical slope of the Okushiga Kogen pride. One piece of beautiful slope. It is most suitable for the training of the person aiming for an examination pass. 630m in total length, up to 30 degrees, an average of 23 degrees.
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MON - FRI yen OPEN 24 hours
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