Shiga Kogen Terakoya / Takamagahara Mammoth / Tanne-no-mori Okojo / Ichinose Family / Ichinose diamond
Good for Skiers

A lot of wide gentle slope, intermediate slope is recommended in the family!
You can access it from Ichinose Family and Takamagahara, Higashitateyama here. There is 2060m, and elevation at the slope mountaintop is the second higher in Shiga Kogen. The feature is that snow is light and wants to try the powder snow after the snowfall.
Takamagahara Mammoth
The biggest course width is wide slope of 200m. This slope connects from intermediate part with Tanne-no-mori Okojo from the mountaintop part to Terakoya, Higashitateyama. If you cross the road of the base, it is accessible to Nishitateyama. Other than a free rest station and locker room, as for the restaurant "Dakekamba with the nursery," wi-fi is established.
Tanne-no-mori Okojo
Slope in between Ichinose Family and Takamagahara Mammoth. The accommodations and the restaurant which enter the ski in the base part, and can get are prepared.
Ichinose Family
The main front slope is one piece of slope of 1,000m in total length. The lower slope is a wide gentle slope, but the upper part is a steep slope of up to 26 degrees.
Ichinose Diamond
The slope which is popular among beginners. The facilities suitable for families are substantial. The Ichinose Family is located in the opposite side across the road and is connected in a pedestrian bridge and can slide it with a ski from the family side.

Piste Data & Guide

Shiga Kogen Terakoya / Takamagahara Mammoth / Tanne-no-mori Okojo / Ichinose Family / Ichinose diamond
Terakoya Eternal Course
Quality of snow is outstandingly good. If it is fine, the view is the best.
Takamagahara Mammoth Slope
One piece of flat slope. A part is ungroomed slope, bumpy slope. It is recommended for a person enjoying moguls. 1,000m in total length, up to 27 degrees, an average of 16 degrees.
Tanne-no-mori Okojo Slope
Between forest such as a Japanese hemlock, the white birch with nature on, you can enjoy a slightly thrilling run.
Ichinose Family Tengu Course
The long course that the beginner can enjoy. If go in Ichinose Family; to at first this course. 3,000m in total length, up to 20 degrees, an average of 12 degrees.
Ichinose Yamanokami Monkey Course
The course between the forest where is popular among child. It is available for the access to the Yakebitaiyama area.
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