Shiga Kogen Nishitateyama / Higashitateyama / Hoppo Bunadaira / Giant
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There are many course variations. Let's enjoy a long run
All courses are maintained properly and can enjoy a comfortable turn. When you glide at the contralateral slope from the top and go down, you can access the Takamagahara area. This slope connects with Hoppo Bunadaira and Giant at the lower part.
Giant slalom competition of the alpine skiing was held at the time of the Nagano Olympics. From a base to the mountaintop, it is approximately six minutes by a Higashitateyama gondola. You can see it at the time of the fine weather from the mountaintop to the Northern Alps and the Sea of Japan. From the mountaintop to the Terakoya skiing area, you can access from the upper course the Takamagahara skiing area. The lower part just leads to Hoppo Bunadaira.
As for the Bunadaira slope which is said to be "the slope of the young girl", course width is wide with up to 160m; an opening-like atmosphere. Two quad lifts are built and can glide efficiently.
The upper part and the lower part are intermediate slopes. Chubu is one piece of slope of the steep slope. You can go to the Hasuike area in connection course halfway.

Piste Data & Guide

Shiga Kogen Nishitateyama / Higashitateyama / Hoppo Bunadaira / Giant
Nishitateyama Beginner Course
A long course full of changes. 1,730m in total length, up to 18 degrees, an average of 8 degrees.
Nishitateyama Giant Slalom Course
FIS official slope. You can slip comfortably. 850m in total length, up to 30 degrees, an average of 20 degrees.
Higashitateyama Rinkan Course
The long course among trees. 4,000m in total length, up to 12 degrees, an average of 10 degrees.
Higashitateyama Olympic Course
The course that was a meeting place of the Nagano Olympics giant slalom. 1,600m in total length, up to 36 degrees, an average of 20 degrees.
Bunadaira Slope
The course that was a goal point of the Nagano Olympics giant slalom. Slope width is wide with 160m. It is gentle in the first half, but a grade becomes rapid in the latter half. 1,500m in total length: , up to an inclination of 25 degrees, an average of 15 degrees.
Connection Course (Bypass for Steep Slope)
Connection course to access from each accommodation Giant.
Giant Slope
It is recommended for training for ski & snowboarding examination.
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0 m
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