Muica Snow Resort
Easily accessible

Access convenience. You can enjoy the off piste
The slope consisting of 11 courses where four lifts including one quad are built over. It is the layout which a beginner, intermediate skier can enjoy although being compact. It can overlook the superb view of the Echigo Sanzan from the top in the front. There are smile crosses in the course and can glide happily. There is the off piste field to climb the upper part on foot, and to enjoy. It is excellent at approximately five minutes and access from Kan-etsu Expressway, Muikamachi IC.
Intermediate slope and a gentle slope are the main constituents. A beginner, the child ski happily, too.
There is Snow escalator to the bass, and there is the smile kids park which parted in the course for the sled if for a run. As intermediate slope and a gentle slope are the main constituents, even a beginner can run on all courses. The attractions such as smile crosses are set up in the slope.
"The Muica Onsen Hotel" allows the one day visit bathing
The accommodations where "the Muica Onsen Hotel" takes a role of the ski center. The hot spring large communal bath is available for the use in the one day visit, too. The buffet-style where the dinner is rich in a kind. The good value ski pack is prepared.

Piste Data & Guide

Muica Snow Resort
Canary Course 1
A gentle slope for families. 1,100m in total length, up to 18 degrees, an average of 9 degrees
Falcon Course
The wide slope which can ski comfortably. 781m in total length, up to 23 degrees, an average of 13 degrees.
Total area
100 ha
Number of trails
Difference of the eleveation
400 m
The longest ski run
2,812 m
The maximum slope angle
33 °
The number of visitors last season
60,000 people
Percentage of skiers and snowboarders
Snow boarder restriction
Number of the lift
Rope way
Lifts for 4 people
Lifts for 3 people
Lifts for 2 people
Lifts for 1 person

Lift Data

Lift Tickets and Fee

Adult Child Senior validity
1 Day Ticket Mon - Fri 3,900yen 2,000yen 3,000yen 8:30 - 16:30
SAT, SUN, Holidays
4 Hour Ticket Mon - Fri 3,000yen 1,500yen 2,500yen 8:30 - 16:30
SAT, SUN, Holidays
Book of Tickets 11 3,000yen 3,000yen 3,000yen
Season ticket 25,000yen 10,000yen 20,000yen

Credit cards

Credit card accepted


Child under 12 year old, under 6 year old free.
Senior Over 55 year old.


16 DEC - 2 APR (opened 19 DEC - 3 APR 2016)


  • Kan-etsu Expressway. Muikamachi IC
    187km from Nerima IC 124min / 5,100yen
    5min local road
  • Joetsu Line Muikamachi Station
    Bus 10min

Parking(500 cars)

MON - FRI FREE OPEN 7:00-18:00
SAT, SUN, Holidays FREE Toilet 24 hours open


TEL: 025-773-3311
Koguriyama 2910-114, Minamiuonuma-shi, Niigata-ken, 949-6636
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