Joetsu Kokusai
Easily accessible!

Let's experience every fun in a very large skiing area!
A total area is 10 million square meters, the skiing area of the overwhelming scale for approximately 214 Tokyo Dome. "Hotel green plaza Joetsu" of the red triangle roof to be built in slope is symbolic existence.
There are a lot of facilities which can enjoy child
The pleasant lesson that adopted play the school "sponge Bob Snow camping" of the favorable reception. The amusement place "kids paradise" of child. "Kids paradises" include Snow tubing, an air playground equipment, snow strider. As there is the moving walkway, child is snowy and is inexperienced and does not have any problem either. The nursery is in front of a hotel.

Piste Data & Guide

Joetsu Kokusai
Joetsu Kokusai In the very large skiing area, it is composed from four zones of "Forest" "Active" "Panorama" "Mothers". As the Atema slope of Forest Zone faces north, it is reputation if quality of snow is good. As it is wide, the slope map is indispensable.
Family Woodland Course
You can enjoy a vast panorama. A beginner is OK, too. 6,000m in total length, up to 18 degrees, an average of 7 degrees.
Osawa Slope
The SAJ official GSL course offering the dynamic run. 1,200m in total length, up to 31 degrees, an average of 15 degrees.
Panorama 3rd Slope
Quality of snow is good at a wide intermediate slope. There is popular "Oshiruko Chaya". 1,000m in total length, up to 30 degrees, an average of 12 degrees.
Daibetto Slope
In the upper slope, bumpy slope of the Local Speciality Dish, slope lower part are wide. There is the bypass course, too. 700m in total length, up to 38 degrees, an average of 20 degrees.
Atema 4th Slope
It is located in the most secluded place of the slope and is the most of high altitudes. The view from an observation deck is the best. 2,000m in total length, up to 32 degrees, an average of 12 degrees.
Total area
380 ha
Number of trails
Difference of the eleveation
817 m
The longest ski run
6,000 m
The maximum slope angle
38 °
The number of visitors last season
460,000 people
Percentage of skiers and snowboarders
Snow boarder restriction
Number of the lift
Rope way
Lifts for 4 people
Lifts for 3 people
Lifts for 2 people
Lifts for 1 person

Lift Data

Lift Tickets and Fee

Adult Child Senior validity
1 Day Ticket Mon - Fri 4,000yen 2,500yen 3,000yen 8:00 - 17:00
SAT, SUN, Holidays
Long 1 Day Ticket Mon - Fri 4,500yen 2,500yen 3,500yen 8:00 - 21:00
SAT, SUN, Holidays
5 Hour Ticket Mon - Fri 3,000yen 1,500yen 2,000yen
SAT, SUN, Holidays
Night Ski Ticket Mon - Fri 1,500yen 1,000yen 1,000yen 17:00 - 21:00
SAT, SUN, Holidays
2 Day Ticket Mon - Fri 7,000yen 3,500yen 5,000yen 8:00 - 21:00
SAT, SUN, Holidays
Season ticket 35,000yen 25,000yen 28,000yen

Credit cards

Credit card accepted


Child under 12 year old.
Senior Over 55 year old.
Single ticket 400yen.


3 DEC - 9 APR (opened 19 DEC - 5 APR 2016)
8:00-21:00. [Night ski(17 DEC - 19 MAR)]


  • Kan-etsu Expressway. Shiozawa Ishiuchi IC
    176km from Nerima IC 120min / 4,880yen
    7min local road
  • Joetsu Line. Joetsu Kokusai Skijomae Station
    Walk 0min
  • Joetsu Shinkansen. Echigo Yuzawa Station
    Bus 20min

Parking(5,500 cars)

MON - FRI FREE OPEN 24 hours
SAT, SUN, Holidays 0-1000 yen Toilet 24 hours open


TEL: 025-782-1028
Kabanosawa, Minamiuonuma-shi, Niigata-ken, 949-6431
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