Aizu Kogen Takatsue
Good for Snowboarders

Resort of Oku-aizu that dry nature snow can thoroughly enjoy
Because quality of snow is good, Fukushima, the Oku-aizu area is known, but, above all, as for the Takatsue, there is the slope top 1650m, and you can thoroughly enjoy silky nature snow. There is a pension village and, the course of 15 full of variations on the slope and two Snow Park, as for the staying in lift & hot spring good value pack belonging to a ticket, is prepared in the hotel of the base with three Hotel in the base area. From skier snowboarder of sport club taste to the family of the resort serious consideration, a wide layer is a resort to be able to enjoy.
The facilities which are convenient for the family are prepared
It is charm of the Takatsue that facilities supporting a family are substantial. There are a tubing course, a snowmobile train, moving walkway in "the Takatsue kids park" of the lower family course; is extreme popularity in child. The ski center "Spacia" has a nursery and, in the free rest station, is prepared in "Spacia" and the family course base region.
Let's spend time comfortably in three direct management hotels
It is three direct management hotels in the Takatsue to want to recommend to the person who wants to stay. There are the facilities such as warm water pools, and "the Aizu Kogen hotel" is popular among the resort groups. "Aizu Astoria Hotel" has a hot spring large communal bath with a Tirolean style. There is "the Aizu Astoria lodge" in the slope bottom, and a restaurant or a ramen shop are prepared.

Piste Data & Guide

Aizu Kogen Takatsue
It is located on the hillside of the Mt. Takakurayama and keeps 15 courses that is full of variations. The upper part is technical in bump on parade all. As for the intermediate part, a flat slope spreads out. The lower part is most suitable for a family and a beginner at the gentle slope center. There is the value of seeing in the 360-degree vast panorama to be able to see from the mountaintop of 1,654m above sea level. If the weather is clear, it can overlook Hiuchigatake and Aizu-Komagatake of Oze in the southwestern direction.
Family Course
The course where width is 80m. As it is wide, the beginner can practice in peace. 1,040m in total length, up to 15 degrees, an average of 8 degrees.
Paradise Course
The intermediate slope which is most suitable for the practice of the short turn. You can run on the night ski, too. 600m in total length, up to 25 degrees. An average of 20 degrees.
Romance Course
The course where is popular regardless of a skier, snowboarder. Quality of snow is good through a season. 1,100m in total length, up to 22 degrees, an average of 18 degrees.
Mountain Course
The upper grade slope in the top. The bumpy slope of 36 degrees is your chance to show what you can do the biggest grade. 600m in total length, up to 36 degrees, an average of 32 degrees.
Total area
65 ha
Number of trails
Difference of the eleveation
707 m
The longest ski run
5,000 m
The maximum slope angle
36 °
The number of visitors last season
186,000 people
Percentage of skiers and snowboarders
Snow boarder restriction
Number of the lift
Rope way
Lifts for 4 people
Lifts for 3 people
Lifts for 2 people
Lifts for 1 person

Lift Data

Lift Tickets and Fee

Adult Child Senior validity
1 Day Ticket Mon - Fri 4,200yen 3,200yen 3,200yen 8:30 - 16:30
SAT, SUN, Holidays
4 Hour Ticket Mon - Fri 3,700yen 3,000yen 3,000yen 4 hours form purchase
SAT, SUN, Holidays
Night Ski Ticket
SAT, SUN, Holidays 2,000yen 1,500yen 1,500yen 16:30 - 20:30
2 Day Ticket Mon - Fri 7,300yen 5,300yen 5,300yen 8:30 - 16:30
SAT, SUN, Holidays
Book of Tickets 10 3,200yen 3,200yen 3,200yen
Season ticket 50,000yen 25,000yen 25,000yen

Credit cards

Credit card accepted


Child under 12 year old.
Senior Over 60 year old.


17 DEC - 2 APR (opened 23 DEC - 31 MAR 2016)
MON-FRI 8:30-16:30. SAT8:30-20:30. SUN, Holidays 8:30-16:00. [Night ski] SAT 16:30-20:30.


  • Tohoku Expressway. Nishi Nasuno Shiobara IC
    139km from Kawaguchi JCT 85min / 3,760yen
    95min local road
  • Aizu Line. Aizu Kogen Ozeguchi Station
    Bus 30min

Parking(3,500 cars)

MON - FRI FREE OPEN 24 hours
SAT, SUN, Holidays FREE Toilet 24 hours open


TEL: 0241-78-2220
Takatsuehara 535, Minamiaizu-machi, Minami Aizu-gun, Fukushima-ken, 967-0315
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