Snow Cruise Onze
Good for Families & Beginners

The night ski every day until 23:00! Even if you go from the afternoon, you can enjoy it
The access to the Onze skiing area is 30 minutes by car from JR Sapporo Station. It is 30 minutes by car from JR Otaru Station. It is ten minutes by shuttle bus free from JR Zenibako Station. A night ski ski is run every day until 23:00. Snow making machine is set up and opens every year in an early timing. The facilities including a locker and the rental room are substantial in a season. Lift 4 Hours Ticket of one adult one + child and "the family 4 Hours Ticket" which a meal ticket for 2,000 yen set are prepared, and nice service is enriched in the family. The park where the abundant item including a kicker and the rail was placed is popular.
Any weather is fun! The facilities which can enjoy child
There is "the kids park" where child can be idle happily. In addition, there is the kids' room thrown open free.

Piste Data & Guide

Snow Cruise Onze
As for the left hand, Panorama Cruise of the gentle slope opens from the mountaintop, and a steep slope full of changes waits on the right hand.
Panorama Cruise
The romantic course that bay area can look around. 500m in total length, up to 24 degrees, an average of 15 degrees.
Sunshine Cruise
The course where course width gradually changes wide. It is excellent at a view. 500m in total length, up to 20 degrees, an average of 15 degrees.
Twins Cruise
The course between the forest toward Downhill Cruise from Panorama Cruise. The night ski is open, too. 300m in total length, up to 20 degrees, an average of 15 degrees.。
Forest Course
A tree run course to tie Downhill Cruise to from Panorama Cruise.
Downhill Cruise
The upper course is an advanced skier slope. The long course that turns from intermediate part into the gentle slope which the beginner can enjoy. 1,000m in total length, up to 30 degrees, an average of 16 degrees.
Diving Cruise
The distance is short with 300m, but a steep slope for up to an inclination of 30 degrees and considerably tough advanced skier. Bumpy slope. 300m in total length, up to 30 degrees. An average of an inclination of 27 degrees.
Total area
10 ha
Number of trails
Difference of the eleveation
200 m
The longest ski run
1,000 m
The maximum slope angle
33 °
The number of visitors last season
110,000 people
Percentage of skiers and snowboarders
Snow boarder restriction
Number of the lift
Rope way
Lifts for 4 people
Lifts for 3 people
Lifts for 2 people
Lifts for 1 person

Lift Data

Lift Tickets and Fee

Adult Child Senior validity
1 Day Ticket Mon - Fri 3,200yen 2,200yen 2,200yen 9:00 - 23:00
SAT, SUN, Holidays
6 Hour Ticket Mon - Fri 3,000yen 2,200yen 2,200yen 9:00 - 23:00
SAT, SUN, Holidays
4 Hour Ticket Mon - Fri 2,700yen 2,200yen 2,200yen 9:00 - 23:00
SAT, SUN, Holidays
2 Hour Ticket Mon - Fri 2,300yen 2,200yen 2,200yen 9:00 - 23:00
SAT, SUN, Holidays
Book of Tickets 11 4,000yen 3,000yen 3,000yen
Season ticket 22,000yen 20,600yen 22,000yen

Credit cards

Credit card accepted


Child under 12 year old, under 6 year old free.
Senior Over 55 year old.
Single ticket Adult 400yen, Child 300yen.


18 NOV - 26 MAR (opened 20 NOV - 27 MAR 2016)
9:00-23:00. [Night Ski] 15:00-23:00.


  • Sasson Expressway. Zenibako Ic
    16km from Sapporo Kita IC 5min
    5min local road
  • Hakodate Honsen. Zenibako Station
    Bus 10min
  • Sapporo City Subway. Miyanosawa Station
    Free Shuttle Bus 50min

Parking(1,000 cars)

MON - FRI FREE OPEN 24 hours
SAT, SUN, Holidays FREE Toilet


TEL: 0134-62-2228
Harukacho 357, Otaru-shi, Hokkaido, 047-0265
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