The residents of Ota Ward, Tokyo recommend, King of “Eco” park is here!

At first glance it seems that a large number of tires are thrown away, but it is a popular park in Ota Ward famous for the name of "tire park". There are monuments such as monsters and robots using old tires and a lot of tire playground equipment on two large and small squares partitioned by embedding tires.

Particularly popular big monsters are 8 meters high from the foot to the head, 20 m long from head to tail, very popular among children.
Is not it not only to utilize the tire as playground equipment, but considering the placement and the running children, or was it tiring to decorate a tire that is right, sand is spread all over the plaza, and a lot of tires are laid It plays a role as a placement and cushion and also helps protect children's safety.
Personally, I recommend, a jumbo slide (Oyama slide). You can slide and play the tire instead of warp. Wonderful as warping the tires! Safe driving, I do not get speed! However, when a rude child comes, it turns into a hell! People roll only tires. Not a safe driving, but a runaway tire is a weapon. It hurts when it hit! It really hurts! The voice of the mother shouting, the voice of the child who is crazy. The one who is watching is coming with a smile! (Tire throwing is prohibited, please do not do it)
This tire park (official name is Nishi Rikugyo Park), it was originally introduced not only throughout Japan but also overseas including the United States and Australia.
If you wear a helmet and go for fun, you can make friends (I think).

[ Access ]
About 10 minutes on foot from Keikyu Main Line Tsukishi station.
About 15 minutes on foot from JR Keihin Tohoku Line Kamata Station
(Attention) There is no parking place.
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