This is a valley trekking course of Nippon Nishizawa Valley (Yamanashi City, Yamanashi Prefecture)

Trekking course is a round course walking counterclockwise along the valley
Surrounded by the sea on every side, the Japanese archipelago with 3000 meters of mountains ranging in the middle. And it is the river that connects the sea and the mountains. There are more than 35,000 rivers in Japan, just as governments and municipalities manage all over Japan, there are blessings of water and nature as many.

Fuefuki River flows from north to south of northern part of Yamanashi Prefecture. It was used as a material for novels and movies, once known as a rampage river that often floods. Nishizawa Valley is located further upstream of the source section of the Fuefuki River, Lake Hirose (Hirose Dam).
The valley formed by the erosion of granite is like a natural sculpture. The virgin forest spreads around, the landscape of the flow of water and several waterfalls shows a mysterious appearance.

Walk along rocks along a stream. It is easy to walk because it is maintained in chains and stairs nishizawa3
The trekking course arranged along the valley is a popular river walking course boasting one of the most beautiful landscapes in Japan. About 10 kilometers, around the standard time around 4 hours, we walk along the mountain stream up to the deepest part, and after turning back, we go down the gentle road of the forest railroad track (the track rail remains). To prevent danger, it is a rule to walk in one way (counterclockwise).
There are moderate ups and downs on the outbound route, and trekking is fun with many places to walk on the rocks. Chains and staircases are maintained, so you can enjoy it with a hiking sensation. Enjoy the scenery of the valley, the sound of the mountain stream, the forest and the sunlight through the trees, and walking while taking a lot of minus ions, there is a feeling of satisfaction that does not feel tired. In addition to being certified as "Forest Therapy Base", the relaxation effect of the forest bath has been certified, and it is also selected as "100 famous water selections in Heisei", "100 forests of forest baths", "100 forests of water resources" and so on.
The popularity is the autumn leaves season (mid-October to mid-November), but in May the rhododendron colony is beautiful, summer also shows a different taste of water and greenery (closed in winter).

"7-pots 5-stage waterfall" in the deepest part. It is the scenery that you'd like to watch forever.
When walking through the course, it is the falls that appear one after another, along with the sound of water flowing. In the trekking area there are only 10 major waterfalls. Especially the climax-like presence is in the deepest part "7-pots 5-stage waterfall". It is a famous waterfall that is chosen as one hundred Japanese waterfalls, consisting of seven waterfall vases and five waterfalls as its name suggests. The trees on both sides of the waterfall are dyed in green in the summer, red in the fall, breathtaking in the beauty of collaboration between blue and white of the flow of water.

Leisurely relaxing the gentle down road of the forest railroad track
About two hours by car from Tokyo to the Nishizawa Valley. Besides being able to use trains and buses, there are also many bus tours, and it is also popular reason to be able to go easily on a day trip. It is also recommended to relax tiredness in the neighboring hot springs on the way back.

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