“Very hard” Shinkansen vanilla ice, pay attention to the timing to buy !

When traveling in Japan, you will often take a bullet train. Although the dining car is not connected, it says to sell it in the car, and comes with the wagon to sell sandwiches and coffee at once, putting something together. Especially popular is ice cream, it is also vanilla.

This ice cream is very hard. In twitter and instagram there is a tag called #シンカンセンスゴクカタイアイス #シンカンセンスゴイカタイアイス. There should be many pictures of the spoon stuck to the hardness there.

I thought why it is hard to cool it with dry ice, but it is not. In fact, hardness is also the secret of deliciousness. It was also that it was difficult to dissolve when the taste was pursued and the milk fat content was high and the amount containing air was reduced. It is a rich taste as a blessing.

About 10 minutes after you buy it, plastic spoons will not get stuck. It only becomes to scrape with a spoon. After about another 10 minutes, you finally got to eat it. Therefore, even if you buy it ten minutes before you arrive at the station you will not finish eating, so please be careful.

This vanilla ice can only be purchased inside shikansen. Normally, there is not much premium feeling if it is limited to that extent, but because of its deliciousness, it boasts very high popularity. 290 yen. You can buy any shinkansen except the Kyushu Shinkansen.

Vanilla ice of the Kyushu Shinkansen is also of Takachiho Ranch of Miyazaki Prefecture, this is smooth and delicate texture. 310 yen. Besides, each Shinkansen also sells different taste ice cream. There are also special items for each season, so enjoy 'Eat if you get on.'

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