It is the most far behind in Iriomote Island, the unexplored area. Let’s go to a village that can only be reached by boat.

Funauki. It is a small settlement, but there is also an open atmosphere somewhere
Iriomotejima in Okinawa Prefecture, known for its inhabitation by the jungle, the majority of the island and the special natural monument Iriomote wild cat. In 2018, it aims to register as a World Natural Heritage Site, and it is a natural and rich island that is likely to be attracted more attention.

In Iriomote Island there are remarkable nature such as deep jungles, waterfalls, rivers that can enjoy canoeing and the beautiful coral of the coral
In Iriomote Island, there are many people who like canoeing and trekking, which can experience unspoiled nature, marine activities such as diving are thriving and there are many people who want to enjoy them, but actually, in the outback of Iriomote Island only There are places that you want to spend relaxingly.

"New Funauki" Liner ship connecting Funauki and Shirahama Port.
The circumference of Iriomote Island is about 130 km. There is no road which can go around the island, the southwestern part of the island does not have a way to avoid a sharp coastline and a deep forest go. Then, what is the location of the edge where the road leads?

As we go along the road leading to the western tip of the island, it will be a dead end with a settlement called Shirahama. However, the village is not over at that white beach. From there, there is a village called Funauki in a place that can only be reached by boat.

The moment when my heart caught me in encountering the moving scenery.
It takes about 10 minutes to board a ship from Shirahama Port. As you move along the Funauki bay surrounded by deep green forests, arrive at Funakuki where about 40 people live.

Idanohama beach overwhelmed by the beauty of Okinawa's best sea
You should visit the beach called Idanohama. It is about 10 minutes on foot from the Funauki port. Beyond the woods as if sacred air is drifting, coming up to the point where the sea is coming, the beautiful sea jumps into the eyes through the trunk. And when you go out to the beach, there is a quiet and white sand beach spreading there. It is not an exaggeration to say that the beauty of one of Okinawa is the most beautiful, and the place where few visitors are also attractive.
On Idahnohama beach, enjoy snorkeling or try playing with hermit crabs slowly on the beach. However, there is nothing to avoid the sun if you do not enter the forest, so you'd better prepare hats and parasols. In addition, there are shops performing snorkelling and a glass boat tour on the funeral, so you can try using that.

There is a shop where you can taste wild boar curry in Funauki, and you can try spending leisurely at the hammock in the site.
After leisurely at a calm and beautiful beach, return to the village on the way that came. There are cafes in the village where you can taste wild boars curry using meat of wild boar from the island. Also, as a place where Iriomote wild cat is found and captured, there are also a column and a huge tree of Indian almond with a splendid branch, so let's take a leisurely walk.

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