A mystery attacks you! Real escape game (Tokyo)

There are many people who have done mysterious Escape Game with smartphone games or video games. But how many people say that you have experienced it in reality?

Real escape game is a "real escape game" as the name says to experience the escape game that you normally experience on smart phones and TV screens in reality. We will solve the mysteries that attack one after another and try to escape within the time limit. That tension is also a reason for popularity.

Detailed contents and settings differ depending on the company, the period, etc. From the title such as "escape from the Vampire Hotel", "escape from a ghost ship", and others that collaborated with famous Japanese comics such as "Detective Conan".

The escape game that I experienced is "Escape from the dark laboratory" in Yoyogi venue of Tokyo. This escape game separates the room into two, and if you do not escape from the first room, you can not even enter the second room in the first place. There are two types of difficulty levels, Normal mode and NoEscape mode, and NoEscape mode has a higher difficulty level than usual. If it can not be cleared within the time limit it ends there. But I want you to be relieved. If the mystery can not be solved and stalled, you can request hints up to 2 times. Doors that will not open after many challenges, time to approach. You feel a sense of urgency that you can not taste in daily life.

Unfortunately, most of the games to be held in Japan is an event to tackle in Japanese, and it is difficult to challenge if you do not understand Japanese. I would like to recommend "TOKYO METRO The Underground Mysteries". It is an experienced mystery solving game event that also supports English and Chinese provided by SCRAP Co., Ltd. Players purchase a 24-hour ticket and mystery kit for 2260 yen and solve the mystery hidden behind Tokyo Metro (subway) and Tokyo.

The mystery solving kit necessary for participation is available at the Ueno station / Shinjuku station's commuter ticket office in Tokyo Metro and can be purchased between 10 o'clock and 14 o'clock (can not be purchased at the JR station). It is easy to participate easily even for the first time that the number of participants can be even for one person or a group, or that the venue is not limited to a narrow space. In addition, this mystery solving event is perfect for traveling as it is possible to enjoy Tokyo Metro train and sightseeing while sightseeing in Tokyo.

This escape game is a limited event in Tokyo, but there are other events that correspond to English and Chinese, as well as others that are being held in Osaka and Hokkaido outside Tokyo, so please challenge. By the way, if you can not clear it, you regret that you challenge many times and you can not escape quite a bit, so be careful.

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