Prince Shotoku politicized as a regent when he was young.

Prince Shotoku (574 - 622)
A superstar of ancient history with numerous legends. That is Prince Shotoku.
"Born in front of a stable even though he was a prince."
"He understood all the contents ten people spoke at once and gave advice"
"He was riding on a flying horse"
Why such a legend was born, because Prince Shotoku is the most important person who spread Buddhism to Japan.

Prince Shotoku supported the Buddhist group Sogano Umako, and defeated the Shinto group Moriya Mononobe. Then Prince Shotoku and Soga Mako got together, spreading Buddhism to Japan by assisting Emperor Suiko. Prince Shotoku was "a star of longing for everyone", did not he?

As a famous episode of Prince Shotoku, he sent Imoko Onono to Sui (now China) with a letter titled "Sending a letter from Emperor of sunrise to Emperor of sunset", the Emperor of Sui got angry. The reasin that it is rude to express Japan as "the country where the sun comes out", Sui to "the country where the sun sets" and that the only thing that used the word "Tenshi" that only the Chinese emperor used at that time itself There is a theory that it seemed rude. Either way, it seems that you can imagne Prince Shotoku's smug face expressing Japan as a country that is in line with other countries.

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