“Harajuku of Gramma” – Listening to Rakugo in the neighborhood.

Near the JR Sugamo station, the entrance to Togenuki Jizo Dori shopping street. You can meet a dazzling old aged lady.
When shooting an interview of a Japanese TV program, especially an interview of a variety program, there is an area that somehow strangely has its place. Shibuya or Harajuku if "youth", Shimbashi if "salaried worker". And when you want to gather especially the voice of elderly women, it is here "Sugamo Togenuki jizo shopping street".

Near the entrance is "Shinshoji temple" which can be counted as one of Edo 6 Jizo. The entrance to the former Nakasendo is watched by the big Kasa Jizo.
Who named it, Jizo Dori shopping street called "Gramma's Harajuku". From the sound of words, it is a big mistake if you remind of the dull old streets walking a tottering old woman. It is a very bright and open street which is based on red as a basis and is full of vibrancy. Most recently it is natural that older people are more vigorous than young people.

Sugamo's healing character "Sugamon" is on the Mail post.
"Sugamon" may be a duck, because it looks like a duck. When there is an event, it appears in the shopping street and is very popular among children. Many also appear in advertising poster of each shop, even until the monthly photo shoot party. Shake hands in Jizo street.

"Sugamon's buttocks" near the entrance information center. In this way, it is no longer an object, but it has reached the area of OOPARTS.
Although the story of "Sugamon" has become long, the main here is a famous temple "Koganji" familiar with the name of "Togenuki Jizoson". Before the Edo shogunate opening, it was estabkished in 1596, relocated to Sugamo during the Meiji era. "Togenuki Jizo" of principal image is familiar to many pious people.

"Washing Kannon " in Koganji Temple. There is faith that if you put water on Kannon and wash your bad places, there will be healed.
Sugamo Jizo shopping street where about 170 shops are affiliated, centering on souvenir shops, food shops and clothing shops. On the day of the fair day (the 4th day) nearly 200 street vendors stand on one side. On the other side of Sugamo Station, there is "Sugamo Koshinzuka" station, which is the only streetcar of Toden Arakawa Line remained in Tokyo.

"Studio Four" where rakugo and music etc. are being performed. The rakugo performance of this day is entitled "Drying of Sanyu". After finishing, I wanted to drink sake.
There is a cafe bar called "Studio Four" on the way from "Koshinzuka Station" to "Shin Koshimzuka Station". On this day, a two-person performance with young rakugo performer who was promoted to the shin-uchi in 2017, "Sanjyutei Tokin", and "Sanyutei Chokitsu". They told new story and favorite story. Live of Rakugo is something good once in a while.

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