Let’s enjoy snow trekking at Mt. Nyukasa!

When rushing up to 1780 meters altitude by Gondola, leave for trekking with snowshoe!
In Japan's ski resort, Hokkaido, Hakuba, Shiga Kogen are popular. It's okay to enjoy all the white holiday at long-term stays, but for those who "want to snow play more easily," let me introducea snow trekking experience at "Mt. Nyukasa" on the day trip from Tokyo by train.

Three of four people in the picture are experiencing snow trekking for the first time. One of them is the first ski resort in the life! Still Can climb to the top of the mountain without problems
It is 135 minutes by express train from Shinjuku Station. Get off JR Chuo Line at Fujimi Station, change to the free shuttle bus and go to "Fujimi Panorama Ski Area" 10 minutes. It is popular as a ski resort with a high clear sky rate, and it is crowded with many snow freaks at the weekend. Of course, enjoying skiing and snowboarding here is also good, but what I would like to introduce this time is Mr. Nyukasa for snow trekking from the gondola summit station even above the ski resort.

The first half of the course is flat. Forest snow trekking feels good!
Many people think that it is impossible to climb the snowy mountains, but do not worry. About 75 minutes to the top of the mountain, the first half is almost flat. There is no steep slope in climbing in the second half, climbing with hiking feeling regardless of age or climbing experience. Of course, even if you can not ski, there is no problem at all. The route is trodden and there is no need to russel (It is fun to step into the deep snow the route nearby though!). When you put on snowshoe (there are rental equipment), and start walking with stocks with both hands, you will feel progress with fun! and soon arrive at the summit.

360 degree panoramic view spreads at the summit.

Yatsugatake mountain range rising in front of you
Snow trekking on Mt. Nyukasa, the biggest recommended point is the 360 degree panoramic view from the summit of 1955 meters! This is exactly a breathtaking scene. In front of you you can enjoy Yatsugatake mountains, from the Mt. Fuji in the east to the south, central and northern Alps, you can enjoy the mountains representing Japan no matter which direction you are in. According to the website of Fujimi Panorama Ski Resort, there can be seen 22 mountains of the "One Hundred Mountains of Japan", but there is also testimony that the mountain hut staff saw 31 mountains. In any case, such a landscape will not be found elsewhere in Japan.
In the morning, after checking the weather and departing from there is enough distance in time so you should go out aiming at the day of fine weather.

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