Hachimantai Trekking Course

There is a scenic-viewing road of approximately one hour 30 minutes to walk around Hachiman-numa (swamp) on the Hachimantai mountaintop. The alpine plants of approximately 360 kinds grow wild in Hachimantai where moors and Yukita (snowfield) develop everywhere, and the peak of the blooming season is from the middle of July to the middle of August.
At the starting point for a climb across the road from the bus stop, Abies mariesii gets a lot of looks. When you go up the slope with the incline and turn the fork point to the right, a flat path spreads out. The scenery south side opens and you arrive at the Mikaeri-touge hill. You can look at mountain peaks such as Iwateyama, Mt. Eboushidake and Mt. Chokai. When you pass through the forest zone, you will see the Hachiman-numa pond. Various plants bloom on the moist ground of the shore of the marsh. The “Genta forest” of 1595m is one of the Top 3 fine-views in Hachimantai, and you can overlook the Hakkoda mountain range far away. When you pass the observation deck and go over the flat Hachimantai mountaintop, which is easy to miss out if there is not the observation deck, you will see a group of explosion craters. The way descends and comes back to the bus stop Hachimantai mountaintop through Megane-numa and Kagami-numa (marsh).
If you look at Hachimanuma only from the observation deck, there is the short course of approximately 45 minutes; Mikaeri-touge – Gamanuma – Hachimantai mountaintop – Meganenuma. This course is enough to enjoy too.

[ Access ]
Get off at Bus stop Hachimantai mountaintop.
[ Hours ]
The guide knowing a lot about flowers is available. It is from 8,000 yen for one guide. Reception desk opens from the middle of June to October. Inquire to the Hachimantai city tourist associations for the tentative reservations and details.
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