Kurayashiki Azumasa

The storehouse of Matsuzaki family known as a leading rice dealer in Fukushima prefecture were moved from its original location and rebuilt here, and entry is free. In the storehouse, Aizu lacquering industrial art objects which are a traditional industrial art of Aizu area are displayed. There is the work of Toru Tanaka who worked on the dry lacquering all of his life. The Aizu cotton cloth has the simple texture with the vertical stripes, and used for the handbags now. The handmade products which is just right for a souvenir is prepared abundantly. A restaurant is also available.

[ Access ]
It is seven minutes by Aizu bus bound for Aizu Wakamatsu area from the bus stop Kitakata Office. It is a 2-minute walk after getting off at bus stop Kitakata-higashi High School.
[ Hours ]
From 9:30 to 16:00
[ Closed ]
Open everyday
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