Amitabha Temple/Three-storied Hall

The Amitabh temple is a temple of the Jodo sect founded in 1603 (Keicho 8). In the east military graveyard of the precincts, there is the grave of Saito Hajime who was the third captain of Shinsen-gumi. The three-storied hall, which was in the Tsuruga-jo Castle main enclosure, have an appearance of three-stories but four levels inside; which is used as a place of the secret conference.

[ Access ]
It is immediate on foot from JR Tadami Line Nanukamachi Station. Or it is ten minutes by circulation bus Machinaka haikara-san from bus stop Wakamatsu station square. It is immediate after getting off at bus stop Nanukamachi station square.
[ Hours ]
Visit for free (the three-storied hall is not available)
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