Matsushima Shidaikan

Here is the superb view spot that you can overlook Matsushima. In about 1820 (Bunsei 3), Funayama mannen named here. The view from Toyama in the North is called “the Beautiful sight”, “the Grand sight” is from the Mt. Tamon in the South, “the Majesty sight” is from the Ootakamori in the East, and “the Quiet sight” is from the Oogiya in the West. All places are far from the Matsushima Kaigan Station so that you need to take a taxi. Otakamori where you can overlook the Nobiru shore and the Saga strait is recommended.

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It is 5 minutes from JR Matsushima Kaigan Station by car to Oogiya and Mt. Soukan. 10-15 minutes to Toyama. 20 minutes to Mt. Tamon, Ootakamori.
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