Mt. Hagurosan

"Mt. Haguroyama, Mt. Tsukiyama and Mt. Yudonoyama are collectively called Dewa Sanzan. Its center is Mt. Haguroyama which is a sacred place of the mountains religion with the history more than 1,400 years. 32 temple lodgings gather in the Toge district at the foot of the mountain.
 You go up the 2,446 steps of stone stairways to Omotesando where the row of aged cedar trees of 350-500 years old leads to the Mt. Haguroyama. The wooden five-story Pagoda with the shingled roof of 29m in height are located at the foot of Ichinozaka slope, and it is appointed to a national treasure. It is good to have a short rest at the Ninozaka teahouse on the top of the Ninozaka slope. Chikara mochi 700 yen with the Matcha. There is the Mikami enshrining of three deities (important cultural property) when you pass through the red torii at the mountaintop. It enshrines the Mt. Tsukiyama and Mt. Yudono together, so you would worship three places if you visit here.

[ Access ]
Get off at bus stop Haguro center or Haguro mountaintop
[ Hours ]
It is free to do visit
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