From Koijigahama to Cape Irago Lighthouse

Beautiful scenery spreads through Irago. The beautiful shoreline of the Koiji-ga-Hama was made by angry waves. The Cape Irago Lighthouse of the white wall watched the security of the ship which came and went. As the place where a proposal matches, it is authorized in the sacred place for lovers. The fruit which a warm climate was made use of in is cultivated. The seafood which is represented by a large short-necked clam. You can enjoy the taste that you made use of a climate and geography in.

Koiji ga Hama which is chosen as "100 selections of Japan" theme of "road" or "beach" and so on.

[ Access ]
It is twelve minutes on foot from Toyotetsu Bus Irago-Misaki bus stop.
[ Hours ]
Cape Irago Lighthouse, only the appearance is free to do a visit
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