The Japan Rhein boat tour / Kisogawa Ukai

One of the Japanese eight beauty spots. The Japan Rhein boat tour of Kisogawa go down the river 13km for approximately one hour (sightseeing in Kisogawa); (winter season suspension of business). From the beginning of June through the middle of October, you can look at the good handling of the cormorant fisherman of rope and the wonderful skill of the cormorant close. The Ukai ship arrives and departs from Inuyama Bridge, and the Japan Rhein boat tour uses a shuttle bus from Inuyama Bridge to boats boarding place.

[ Access ]
It is five minutes on foot from Inuyama-Yuen Station.
[ Hours ]
From June 1 to August 15

[ Fees ]
Lunch cormorant fishing 4,500 yen, night cormorant fishing 2,600 yen
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