Hoheikyo Dam

Hoheikyo Dam in Toyohira river upper stream flowing through Jozankei Onsen is a jar of the Sapporo citizen. Jozanko lake born by an arched huge dam shows the appearance that is quiet in nature which the pattern that is a man-made lake is rich in in circumference among virgin forests. Above all, the beauty of colored leaves is particular. As the vehicle is closed from the parking lot to the dam, for environmental protection, the visitor uses an electric car.

[ Access ]
It is ten minutes by electric car after getting off at a parking lot from the Jozankei bus stop for taxi ten minutes
[ Hours ]
The electric car is operated during from 8:45 to 16:00 of from May 1 to November 3
[ Fees ]
620 yen for adults
300 yen for children
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