Hakushu’s birthplace / Hakushu Kitahara Memorial Hall

The birthplace of the Hakushu which was a brewery of the liquor which competed for the first place second place formerly in the Yanagawa district. It was broken by a fire of 1901 (Meiji 34), and the main building left partly was restored. It is opened to the public now. The building is made with storehouse of "the Namako Wall" peculiar to Yanagawa. There is Hakushu Kitahara Memorial Hall in the depths. Some history folk documents of Yanagawa are displayed on the first floor. Some habitual use products and manuscripts that you can know the life of the Hakushu are displayed on the second floor. The best access to Hakushu's birthplace, Hakushu Kitahara Memorial Hall is to walk from a boat tours leaving a ship place or Ohana-mae along the canal.

[ Access ]
It is 15 minutes by bus for Okinohata, the Ohana from Nishitetsu-Yanagawa Station. Getting off at Ohana-mae bus stop. It is a 5-minute walk from the bus stop.
[ Hours ]
From 9:00 to 17:00
[ Fees ]
500 yen
[ Closed ]
From December 30 to January 1.
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