Visiting Mojiko European-style buildings

The atmospheric area where is lined with some building in brick and stone old-fashioned European-style buildings at one corner that surrounds three sides of the Daiichi funadamari. These recall us to those days when Mojiko ever prospered as a base of the international trade. This whole area is a tourist attraction named Mojiko Retro.
 Around Mojiko Station (1914 = Taisho 3 completion) that is a Japanese important cultural property, there are a lot of solid European-style buildings such as Kyumoji Customs House (1912 = Meiji 45 completion) where there is the cafe on the first floor of the building, Kyumoji Mitsui club (1921 = Taisho 10 completion) where Mr. and Mrs. Einstein stayed at once, the International Friendship Memorial Library with a restaurant and the library of China, the Dalian dish and Kyushu Railway History Museum. They have much highlight. You can enjoy walk leisurely. The view of the Kanmon Strait from Observatory (admission 300 yen) of 103m above the ground of the Mojiko Retro tower which is a symbol of the Mojiko Retro is splendid. The photograph is Kyumoji Mitsui club.

International Friendship Memorial Library

[ Access ]
It is less than five minutes on foot from JR Mojiko Station
[ Hours ]
It varies according to facilities
[ Fees ]
Free (some facilities are charged)
[ Closed ]
It varies according to facilities
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