Nachisan Seiganto-ji Temple

This is the 1st holy temple of the 33 temples pilgrimage in the Kinki district. It was founded in 313-399 (the times of the Emperor Nintoku) before Buddhism transmission. The origin of this temple is that Ragyo holy priest said to have been from India got the Kannon image with 8-sun in the basin of waterfall during ascetic practices in Nachi Waterfalls, made a hermitage and enshrined this image. "Otakido" heading from Seiganto-ji Temple to Nachi Waterfall has a stone stairway of the Kamakura period lasting about 100m.

[ Access ]
It is 30 minutes by Kumano Kotsu Bus from Kii-Katsuura Station. Getting off at Nachisan bus stop and a 15-minute walk.
[ Hours ]
From 5:00 to 16:00
Precincts of shrine: Free
Three-Storied Pagoda: from 8:30 to 16:00
[ Fees ]
Three-Storied Pagoda 300 yen
[ Closed ]
Open everyday
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