Suga-shima Island

Suga-shima Island is an island of fishing where about 200 households of people live and also famous for production of abalone. Shirongo Matsuri Festival held on the 1st Saturday in July is that woman shell divers of the island with traditional white clothes to dive compete for abalone catching. A pair of male and female abalone caught first is dedicated to Shirohige Shrine where is near Shirongo Beach, and the diver is respected as the head of Ama diver. As for the trip around the island, it is easy to visit from Shirongo Beach, Sugashima Lighthouse, Daisen, like following the sun. You can go around the island in 5 hours. There are 5 hotels in the vicinity of Sugawara Port.

[ Access ]
From Toba Marine Terminal (5-minutes walk from Toba Station), 18 minutes by municipal liner to Sugashima Port.(8 services/day, 490 yen)
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