Kumano Taisha Shrine

It enshrines Susanoonomikoto. As go up the approach, the front is Haiden and Heiden, and the back is Honden. Sankaden on the left is the place where they have special Shinto ritual called Hikiri festival. This festival is that Hikiriusu and Hikirigine to print fire out are given to izumonokuninomiyatsukoto, and the performance is in 15th October.

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From platform 4 in front of Matsue station, you take Ichibata bus to Yakumo-shako, and after 20~23 minutes you get off the bus at the terminal Yakumo-shako, and you change to Yakumo-choei bus to Kumano and after 16 minutes you get off the bus at the bus stop Kumano-taisha and it is close.
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