Ryugenji Mabu

The tunnel which was dug for mining the silver is called Mabu. Ryugenji-Mabu was dug to length of 600m from 1715 (Shotoku 5) as the Mabu of the direct management of magistrate’s office (Mt. Ojiki). The length which is released is the part of them and is till 156.7m, and after that it is possible to go through the new tunnel which is dug with the key form. There, it is left the trace of digging with chisel as those days, and you can see the hole which is dug along a vein.

[ Access ]
From the trace of Omori magistrate's office, it is 1 hour and 10 minutes on foot or 25 minutes by bicycle.
[ Hours ]
9:00~17:00。(From December to February ~16:00)
[ Fees ]
410 yen
[ Closed ]
New Year's Day
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