The First Step to Hachijojima

"The island bus of Hachijojima are" Saka-gami - iki "(Konominato - Town office - Kashitate - Nakanogo - Sueyoshi)," Saka-shita-iki "(traveling between Sueyoshi and Kaname in the opposite direction to Sakagami-iki)," Circular route "(town hall Mitsune running from the center of the island, such as the airport and three routes as the starting point) are operating. Between 6 and 8 flights per day.
If you have booked in advance , most of the inn brings you a free pick-up to the airport and port (confirmation of pick up or not at the time of reservation). Do not worry because the inn clerk pick you up at which port you arrive , after checking with the shipping company on that day. The same is for airpot. Movement from the airport is taxi because it is not connected to the island bus. The southern port is operated only on July 21 - August 31 on the island bus. Others use taxis.
If you book a rental car in advance, they pick you up at the nearest airport or port. The rental car is a 5000 person class with 1000 classes, around 7000 yen for 24 hours, around 6000 yen every day thereafter. Depending on the dealer, there are places to handle cheap car rental of mini vehicles around 3000 yen 24 hours a day.
Bicycle rental is 1,500 yen for 8 hours, 2000 yen for 24 hours. There is also a rental bicycle. "

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