Kuchiba Family Residence

This is appointed as important cultural property of the country that is unusual that the samurai residence is kept with the front gate and the main house. Especially, the structure of the main house which you can see how lived samurai, is interesting. The intermediate room of two mat room which is between Japanese-style room and the salon, is the place where retainers hid to guard the master. Sodegarami (crochet needle-formed arms) which was used by the gatekeeper is also displayed.

[ Access ]
From the ruins of Hagi castle, it is 14 minutes on foot, or 7 minutes by bicycle. Or 4 minutes on foot from the bus stop “Midoriya-farm iriguchi” the line “Maaru bus” clock wise (Shisaku).
[ Hours ]
9:00~17:00(sightseeing guide is permanently stationed.)
[ Fees ]
100 yen
[ Closed ]
the season of the Bon festival, The end and the beginning of the year. They also have rest irregurary.
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