Mt. Mihara

Mt. Mihara is counted as one of the world's three largest volcanic volcanoes, along with Kīlauea volcano in Hawaii and Stromboli volcano in Italy.Lava stone is basaltic with the characteristic that it is high temperature and stickiness is small, relatively mild eruption It is said that it is the time of the large eruption of Yasunaga from 1777 to 1778 that has ”Gairinzan" and ”Nairinzan", and when it was erupted in 1950 to 1950, it is said that the crater of ”Nairinzan" formed a small mountain (Mihara Shinzan) due to volcanic activity , and now it is a triplex composite volcano.

A scenic spot representing Oshima, a route bus runs near the summit, and a promenade near the crater is being maintained. The season recommended for hiking is from autumn to winter where the climate is stable and there are many days for good view. On sunny days you can enjoy panoramic views over Mt. Fuji and Boso Peninsula. Please wear thick athletic shoes as you go through the gravel road during hiking and take rain gear in preparation for the changing weather of the mountain.

[ Access ]
"Tozan bus" from the port of arrival and departure to Mountain entrance bus stop 25 minutes (about 1 hour in 2 hours, the operation time is linked with the arraival and departure time of the ship, the last "Tozan Line" ship departs at 13:30 , Shimoyama Line leasves at 14:30)
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