It is known for the Heike defeated soldier legend by the battle of Yashima. One of the unexplored regions Japan's three biggest in the east Iya district. There is Okuiya Nijyu Kazurabashi Bridge in the deepest part. (sunrise - sunset. 500 yen). Existing oldest couple Bridge. In the outskirts, the slope of the halfway up a mountain is dotted with villages. There is the Ochiai village on the Japan's steepest slope. Ishigaki, a thatching roof private house, farms are unified. Original scenery of Japan. You use a Okuiya Kanko shuyu monorail. You can make a round trip of it to the 1,380m above sea level point.

[ Access ]
It is 40 minutes by Shikoku traffic bus to Kubo from the Kazurabashi Bridge bus stop. Transfer at Kubo bus stop. It is 30 minutes in municipal bus to Kenzan. It is immediate on foot from the Nijyu kazurabashi Bridge bus stop.
[ Hours ]
The monorail from 8:30 to 17:00 (from October to November at 16:30 the last ride at 15:30.)
[ Fees ]
Monorail 2,000 yen
[ Closed ]
Monorail: Wednesdays. From December to March.
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