Awaji Yumebutai

It was built by architect, Tadao Ando design. Environmental creation type facilities site. A garden, an observation deck, a park, plant building, a hotel, a restaurant. They are maintained. In 100 steps Land, 100 steps of flower beds affect the slope of the mountain. The observation deck can look around whole garden and Akashi Channel. You want to enjoy nature in a promenade garden. You can take a walk in the flowers of the season. You can come across a world plant in the plant building of the miraculous star. (from 10:00 to 17:30. The second Thursday close. 600 yen. Additional charge for plan exhibition.)

[ Access ]
It is 25 minutes by express bus Kaikyo shuttle flight from the high-speed maiko bus stop. It is immediate on foot from the bus stop in front of Yumebutai, Awaji
[ Hours ]
Freedom in the garden
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