Chikurin-ji Temple

Shikoku hallowed ground 31st holy temple. The principal image is Buddha of the wisdom. Bodhisattva of Wisdom is worshiped. Hon-dou, Daishido, all-cypress Five-Storied Pagoda, treasure building are built in the precincts. With the treasure building, a precious Buddha statue is stored. The garden is worth seeing, too. It is counted as one of the three grate gardens in the prefecture.

[ Access ]
It is 25 minutes by "MY Yu" bus from Kochi Station. It is immediate on foot from the Chikurinji Mae bus stop. It is 14 minutes by Tosa Railway to Maehama bus stop from the Harimayabashi Bridge (in front of den Tetsu terminal building) . It is a 20-minute walk from the Aoyanagibashi Higashizume bus stop. From Aotanagibashi Nishizume bus stop. 10 minutes by taxi.
[ Hours ]
Precincts of shrine: Free. Treasure building and garden From 8:30 to 17:00
[ Fees ]
Ticket common throughout treasure building, a garden 400 yen
[ Closed ]
Open everyday
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