Shiraho sea

There are long coral leaf with over 10 kilometers in one kilometers off‐shore from Shirato beach located in the southeastern part of Ishigaki-jima Island, and it is famous worldwide under the sea opens. The coral community is equal to the Australian Great Barrier Reef. There are various kinds of corals including huge blue coral, porites coral, elkhorn coral and scrolling montipora coral. Colorful tropical fish swim among these corals. The corals of Shiraho are relatively in the shallows and are suitable for observation. It is good to use a boat of coral hopping operated by each guest house. In addition, "Shiraho Coral Village" which WWF Japan runs is built in the town and has exhibition room and document corner about coral reef and creature.

[ Access ]
It is 30 minutes by Shiraho Line bus from the bus terminal. Getting off at Shiraho Shogakko-mae bus stop and a 5-minute walk.
[ Hours ]
Shiraho Coral Village: From 9:00 to 17:00
[ Fees ]
Shiraho Coral Village: Free of charge
[ Closed ]
Shiraho Coral Village: Wednesday
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