Fujiya Hotel

The main building was constructed in 1891 (Meiji 24). The entrance of the Chinese gable. A tile-roofing roof such as the shrines and temples architecture. The sculpture which was given everywhere in the hall. The details are attention required! Five staying ridges are appointed to a registration tangible cultural property, a modernization industry inheritance. (The main building. A Western-style building. A flower palace. Forest building. Annex chrysanthemum sinter Zhuang. ) The general visitor can stay at the guest room where Sun Yat-sen and Chaplin stayed at (excluding forest building.). There is the historical materials exhibition room of the flower palace basement. Use supplies. Royalty relations. The celebrity who visited Fujiya Hotel. They constitute it in A - H zone. It is conflicted with the history of 130 years to date by opening. The Japanese garden is made to ups and downs. The walk course of 15-20 minutes. A watermill. A greenhouse. A hill of the good happiness of excellent view. Cherry trees. Azaleas. Hydrangeas. Colored leaves. You can enjoy seasonal scenery.



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