Kon-do Hall (Yakushi-ji Temple)

The hall where vermilion and green are bright to eyes is the gorgeous Ryugu-zukuri style with pent roof. In 1976 (Showa 51), it was rebuilt the figure of the Hakuho Era. In the temple, a seating status of Buddha Yakushi of main principal and standing statues of the bodhisattvas Suryaprabha and Candraprabha are enshrined. Buddha Yakushi is in the center, Suryaprabha in the right side, Candraprabha in the right side. Generic name of these three statues is called "statue of Yakushi Triad" and these are great work with sculpture of the Hakubo and a national treasure. Recommend to see the figure with the soft movement slowly and carefully. In addition, the base of the principal image is also a national treasure. Because patterns such as Greece, Persia, India and China are put together with them of the Hakuho period, you can know that an international exchange was already prosperous in those days. When you are in the back of principal image, you can see closely.

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