Yakushi-ji Temple

Yakushi-ji Temple with corridors painted in red was founded in 680 (Tenmu 9) by order from Emperor Tenmu. It was moved from Asuka to the current place with the time transferred the capital to Heijo-kyo. It was the unique Buddhist monastery with Yakushi-ji Temple-stype including east pagoda and west pagoda, but it encountered a fire many times, and the halls except east pagoda was destroyed all by fire. West pagoda and main hall were restored to the original state in the Showa period, and grand lecture hall was rebuilt in 2003. There are many national treasures including the statue of Yakushi Triad, and it takes around one hour to visit. The personality of the temple is felt when you go the south exit and enter from profound south gate although it is some detours.
 (note) Yakushi-ji Temple has two sets of statue of Yakushi Triad. The statue of the main hall is a national treasure, statue of the grand lecture hall is an important cultural property. The latter is called "statue of Miroku Triad" in the temple to avoid confusion.

[ Access ]
It is a 2-minute walk from Nishinokyo Station to the north exit or 6-minute walk to the south exit.
[ Hours ]
From 8:30 to 17:00 (Last entry 16:30)
[ Fees ]
Admission fee 800 yen (During Genjo Sanzo-in Temple opening 1,100 yen)
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