Dogashima Tour Boat Cave Excursion

A cave tour boat,going to Tenmadodo around Sanshirojima,and so on, in about 20 minutes. You can feel the intricate complex shoreline, such as Ria style coast and large and small islands, in front of you. Tenmadodo which is also a natural treasure was named because the central part is rounded due to seawater erosion and the hole is empty. There are also "Dogoshima Cruise (25 minutes, 1700 yen)" and "Senkanmon Cruise (50 minutes, 2300 yen)" by high-speed boat (need to check sailing time ).

[ Access ]
Dogashima bus stop is near boarding place
[ Hours ]
8: 15 - 16: 30 (operation service every 10 - 15 minute but depend on the season)
[ Fees ]
1200 yen (Set ticket 1600 yen include Yuzo Kayama Museum )
[ Closed ]
Closed for stormy weather
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