Chohachi Museum

"Kotee" is an art of a plaster that draws walls. "Izu no Chohachi", Chohachi Irie (1815-89) was a masterpieper active in Meiji from the end of Edo, but there are very few existing works. In Bodaiji, Jokanji, where Chohachi had studied, the main hall is opened as a memorial hall. The white dragon "Happo nirami no Ryu" with the jewel of the inner ceiling, "Hiten (Tennyo)" between the columns was drawn at the time of the rebuilding of Jokanji in 1846 (Kouka 3) year, A masterpiece full of overwhelming feelings. As well as Chohachi, a masterpiece from Matsuzaki, Shrine temples carved by Hanbei Ishida (Karajishi and ryoumensukashibori in main hall) are a must-see.

[ Access ]
15 minutes on foot from the Matsuzaki bus stop. Or 3 minutes by bus from Matsuzaki bus stop, 2 minutes walk from Chohachi Art Museum bus stop
[ Hours ]
9: 00 ~ 16: 00 (Reception is until 15: 30)
[ Fees ]
500 yen
[ Closed ]
Buddhist ceremony day
Irregular holidays
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