Kawazu Bagatelle Park

A French style rose garden with a partnership with Bagatelle Park in Paris, with. The main of the park is rose garden where about 1100 varieties and 6000 roses were planted over 3 hectares. Many modern roses continue to bloom from spring to late fall, especially "Harubara(spring roses) during the end of April to the beginning of July,"Akibara(autumn roses) and at the peak of "Akibara(autumn roses) from October to November, many tourists visit and spend time as they like. There are also flower & gardening shops, cafes, food shops, craft shops, parfum workshops and other rose - based shops, restaurants Bagatelle where you can taste French country dish. Roses soft-serve ice cream is also delicious.

[ Access ]
5 minutes by taxi from Kawazu Station
[ Hours ]
9: 30 ~ 16: 30 (until 16: 00 from December 1st to April 27th )
[ Fees ]
1000 yen (300 yen for December 1st to April 27th)
[ Closed ]
Open all year around
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