"Tokai-kan" was established in 1928 (Showa 3), a well-established hot spring inn ryokan that closed its history in 1997 (Heisei 9). Building along Matsukawa river and leaving the architectural style in the early Showa as it is, the wooden building with impressive watchtowers is a beautiful Japanese-style building with plenty of luxury timber such as hinoki and cedar and trees, and Ito It was also a symbolic existence of. It opened as a cultural facility in 2001 (Heisei 13), in order to preserve its traditional beauty and techniques of traditional craftsmen. Inside the museum there are exhibits such as mosaics and sliding screens, rooms crafted to detail and historical materials of Yukari Ito , she is a Japanese actress and singer.

[ Access ]
a seven minute walk from Ito station
[ Hours ]
from 9:00 to 21:00
[ Fees ]
Admission 200 yen
[ Closed ]
Third Tuesday every month (Wednesday if Tuesday is a national holiday)
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