Kurashiki Public Hall

In the music library room on the third floor of the Kurashiki public hall, you can listen to the collection of Soichiro Ohara who was a big music fan. In addition, there is an electric gramophone made by American Victor Corporation, and they play the record if you ask. When the electric gramophone was released, it was the same price as a house of 30 tsubo space.
 The stored documents are approximately 4,300 pieces of SP records, LP records of approximately 8,400 pieces, music score approximately 1,500 items, CD, LD, DVD specialty books. All SP record has been kept in a good conditions, and full of excellent artists records, the considerable precious records are also stored.

[ Access ]
It is a 3-minute walk from Ohara Museum of Art
[ Hours ]
From 9:00 to 21:00 (Sunday, Public holidays: closed at 17:15)
[ Closed ]
Monday (in the case of a public holiday, the next day is closed), year-end and New Year holidays (from December 28 to January 4)
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