Megane Bashi (Spectacles Bridge)

When entering the side of FM Nagasaki Building in front of the tram stop, you immediately come out on the bank of Nakashima River. Megane-bashi Bridge (Spectacles Bridge) is on the upper reaches of a river and the view from Nigiwai Bridge or the opposite bank is beautiful. The technique of the stone bridge which ancient Roman completed was introduced into Nagasaki through Portuguese, and the bridge which Ming-style was also added under instruction of China monk of Kofuku-ji Temple, Mokusu Nyojo was built in 1634 (Kanei 11). It has a unique shape where two semicircles line up, and the name of Megane-bashi Bridge (Spectacles Bridge) comes from the figure reflected in water. It was the Japanese oldest arched stone bridge, but unfortunately was partially destroyed by a flood in 1982 (Showa 57) and rebuilt the next year. The riverside close to Megane-bashi Bridge is maintained beautifully, and several stone bridges were built over the upper part of a river. In addition, there are many antique art dealers around. It is good to enjoy walking around while sightseeing the bridge.

[ Access ]
It is a 2-minutes walk from Nagasaki Electric Tramway Nigiwai Bridge streetcar stop
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It is free to do a visit
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