Takinoo Shrine

The precincts of the Shinto shrine cross Tenguzawa where Shiraito waterfall hangs over in the left hand depths. In 820 (Konin 11), Koubou Daishi prays for a divine spirit descent. As the figure of the goddess appeared, he founded it. An old shrine. Ni –no-torii stands on the way to an approach to a shrine. It is called "the torii of the test of luck". The center tablet board of torii of the upper part center has a round hole. It told luck from the number of the three pebbles thrown and went through.
 Romon Gate painted in red stood after you evaded. There are Haiden and Honden in the depths. There is the bamboo of matchmaking before the Honden. If you can tie the bamboo leaf only with your thumb and a little finger, it is said that you can marry a person to yearn for.

[ Access ]
It is a 10-minute walk from The stone pillar of Daishouben kinzei
[ Hours ]
It is free to do visit
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