The Great Ginkgo (Tsurugaoka Hachimangu)

The Great Ginkgo which was called "The Kugyo's hidden gingko". It was fallen down by strong wind on March 10, 2010 (Heisei 22). The root was planted in the original place, and the trunk cut to approximately 4-5m is transplanted in the root side now. It is known for the legend that the third Shogun Sanetomo Minamotono was killed by nephew, Kugyo hidden himself behind this ginkgo on January 27, 1219 (Jokyu 1). The Great Ginkgo in side ot the large stone stairway is a symbol of the Hachiman-gu shrine, and many people were deeply worried about the fallen tree. people are looking at the root that green leaves come out again warmly.

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It is a 15-minute walk from Kamakura Station
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