Genjiyama Park, Kuzuharagaoka

When you go up the slope of the steep grade from Zeniarai Benzaiten, there is extensive Genjiyama Park. It is the place where Yoritomo Minamoto put up a white flag when he started on the conquest of Oshu and prayed for the victory. Approximately 400 cherry trees bloom in spring there. It becomes the lawn open space with the enshrining image of Yoritomo Minamoto in the center.
 There is Kuzuharagaoka in the north direction from Genjiyama Park, and a hiking course to Jochi-ji Temple begins in the Kuzuharagaoka Shinto shrine. The nature trail which steps cautiously on the root of the tree. To the Tenchuho of the approximate halfway point, it takes around 20 minutes while enjoying sunshine filtering through foliage. It is View Point that can view the Kamakura city from a distance. A downhill path spreads out basically from here. There is a dark place in the noon, but a nature trail is over and comes to the stairs of the private house side, and there is a few it to Jochi-ji Temple of the destination. It is the hiking course that the beginner can enjoy for all trip approximately 50 minutes.

[ Access ]
Hiking course ... Zeniarai Benzaiten (a 5-minute walk) Genjiyama Park (a 5-minute walk) Kuzuharagaoka Shinto shrine (a 40-minute walk) Jochi-ji Temple (an 8-minute walk) Kita-Kamakura Station
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Free walk
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