Shuri Castle

World Heritage. A country of the monarchy that the Ryukyu kingdom spread out for approximately 450 years. The Shurijo Castle was proud of prosperity as the center of the politics, diplomacy, culture. The current building was restored in 1992.
 The Shurijo Castle was founded at the end of 14th century. Politics, courtesy, a place of the religious service. The whole castle was a sanctuary. After Seiden, the west whole area is the world mainly on politics and the diplomacy. There are a garden (Una), a south palace, a guard station, north, a study, Sasunoma. In contrast, the east side whole area was called Ouchihara. The king and a relative, many women to serve there live.
 Politics and the ceremony of the King of Ryukyu prefecture were held on the first floor of the Seiden. The second floor is ceremony space such as the king and the family mainly. The third floor was an attic for the purpose of the ventilation. It had both Japan and Chinese both culture. Furthermore, a style of the Ryukyu architecture was taken in. You can see an original form.

[ Access ]
It is a 15-minute walk from monorail Shuri Station. *It is entered a kindergarten through Ryutan Street, in front of prefectural university of fine arts from Shuri Station by pleasant meeting Mon of a 15-minute walk. It is the Okinawa BUS eighth from monorail Shuri Station. It is five minutes in a Shurijo Castle downtown area line. You get off in front of bus stop Shurijo Castle. It is a 3-minute walk to Shurei-mon.
[ Hours ]
From 8:30 to 19:00 (as for from December to March at ... 18:00 as for from July to September ... 20:00)
[ Fees ]
Admission adult 820 yen, high school student 620 yen, small, junior high student 310 yen
[ Closed ]
Open everyday (some closed days: with the first Wednesday of the JUL the next day)
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